Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Bach Flower Remedies made?

  Two methods are used, the Sun Method and the Boiling Method. The more delicate flowering plants are prepared using the Sun Method, which involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours in direct sunlight. The woodier plants are prepared by boiling the flowering parts of the plant for half an hour in pure water. Once the energy within the flowers has been transferred to the water, the energised water is mixed with an equal quantity of brandy, which makes the “mother tincture”. The mother tincture is further diluted into the stock bottles that you see in the shops.  

Are there any side effects?

  The flower remedies are non-toxic and have no contraindications. In other words, they have no side effects and can be used with other types of therapy. They are safe for babies, pregnant mothers, and the elderly, as well as animals and plants!     

  It is worth bearing in mind that the remedies usually come in grape alcohol (brandy), but this can usually be ignored as the amount of alcohol in a single dose is minute. However, for anyone wishing to avoid alcohol it is possible to buy stock remedies bottled in a mix of glycerine (80%) and water (20%) through the Bach Centre. We can discuss this at your first appointment so don’t let the preparation of the remedies put you off!    

You should check with your prescribing doctor, pharmacist or health advisor before taking an alcohol-based Bach remedy if you have been advised to avoid all traces of alcohol. 

Will I need to keep using Bach Flower Remedies indefinitely, as with prescription drugs?

  No, treatment is finished at the point when you have a clear sense of not needing the Flower Remedies any longer. You may discontinue the use unconsciously, as if forgetting to take them, because you will intuitively "know" when your problem has been effected. Children also know when they no longer need the flower essences, so pay attention and discontinue use when the child becomes resistant. You, of course, will also know by your child's behavior. In contrast to drugs, which merely mask a problem, Bach Flower Remedies work on an energy level to remove the imbalance that causes the problem.  

How long will it take to notice the difference?

  Everybody is unque, therefore there is no right or wrong answer to this. Some people feel immediate changes, for others it takes longer.  

Is it possible to change my child’s character?

  No, Bach Flowers will strengthen your child's connection to Inner Guidance and make him better able to adapt to a situation or environment. They will not make a lively child quiet nor transform a naturally reserved and private child into an outgoing "leader of the group."
It isn't possible to create an entirely new character trait in a child.    

If the Bach Flower Remedies are considered to be self-help, why do I need you?

  The Bach Remedies are a self-help system. However, sometimes your worries and issues become too complex and confusing and that is where a Bach Remedy Practitioner can help. 

 First, I am an educator and facilitator. As the Bach Flower System is meant to be for self-help, I can tell you about the philosophy of Dr. Bach, the remedies and their characteristics and how the System works.  This will make us equal partners during the consultations and will empower you to play the main role in your move toward perfect health.

 Second, I am a guide.  It is extremely difficult sometimes to see things and yourself with absolute clarity and objectivity. And so it’s quite challenging to choose the appropriate remedies.  Upon being introduced to the system, many people think they need all 38 remedies! The practitioner is there to help you see yourself clearly and recognize and understand the negative states you are stuck in. The practitioner creates a partnership and offers an opportunity for a client to deepen in self-reflection and self-awareness. The extensive training I have received - classes, essays, exams, and case studies - has given me the skills necessary to distinguish between two seemingly similar remedies as well as discern what the client really needs.  Everyone finds that talking helps so much.  Once you start talking, often times you can say something that knits it all together, which in turn helps me to choose the appropriate remedies.  

Third, I am a supporter. As you work through the healing process it happens sometimes that you become discouraged.  The practitioner is there to remind you of the progress and improvements you are making and to encourage you to greater personal involvement in achieving and maintaining good health and wellbeing. We develop a valuable relationship as client and practitioner.  I pick up the support where friends leave off.